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We would you like to take this opportunity to introduce ourselves as one of the leading Design & Print Advertising Agencies in & around Odisha. We as an organisation has been established in the year 2000 in the district of Balasore. Initially we were doing business within District and later by giving good services to various other clients through our timely and economical advertising services, we expanded all over the state of Odisha and beyond.




What is the choice for a result-oriented advertiser today?

Going to a big agency and finding it can't devote you the attention you need or Going to a small agency and discovering it can't give you the creative impact you want THAT'S WHERE WE COME IN. Here VFM ADVT SERVICES might provide you the answer. Our work, track record show we're second to none, yet our business profile and tight structure indicates that we're committed to doing exclusive justice to every account. advertisement advertising agency graphic design & printing services


'VFM ADVT SERVICES' stands for 'Value for money'. It is the money generator zone, a zone that announces the beginning of a new business.


Get ready… for a really unexpected look at your brand or Product ... to break the rules and make new ones… for heated discussions and arguments. Because our success is largely based on our clients who are daring, open minded and willing to stretch themselves with the agency to cut through the clutter.

Because in the final analysis there is nothing like 'safe' or 'average' advertising - an advertisement is either noticed and remembered, or simply forgotten. Thus the only thing to expect with us is the Unexpected. 


VFM ADVT SERVICES offers the entire gamut of advertising, marketing and publicity services, designed to suit individual client needs.


VFM ADVT SERVICES has a detailed and thorough procedure for planning its clients' advertising requirements. The first step is to obtain a detailed brief about the product, service, its market, the competition, the corporate philosophy and the objectives.

Knowledge of the product/service, the market, the competition, are all collected and correlated. This information is put through rigorous analysis at an in-house workshop. Only then is the strategy created and presented to the client.

At VFM ADVT SERVICES, serious advertising is preceded by exhaustive research and meticulous planning. Be it branding, positioning, creation of an image or marketing financial instruments, winning strategies are created.


Research forms the foundation for planned growth. Marketing research is a complex affair calling for skills in statistics, operations research and psychology. We test products, brand names and advertising propositions.

Our research services include pre-testing, post-testing and impact testing of advertising. Perception research is another important area which is handled by us.


VFM ADVT SERVICES has a young team of enthusiasts who call themselves designers. This team has won acclaim for its fresh approach to advertising and has helped rejuvenate brands. A totally computerized studio wherein conceptualization, visualization, retouching & final rendering is made through state-of-the-art computers, digital scanners, high resolution colour printers. The very best of hardware and software for best designing stretches every level of creativity at VFM ADVT SERVICES.


A creative media strategy is necessary to ensure that the advertising message reaches the largest section of the audience, as economically as possible. Innovative media and an unconventional approach in using even the regular media has paid VFM ADVT SERVICES's clientele rich dividends in terms of visibility and effectiveness.

We have a complete data processing centre, with high-speed printing facilities, which takes care of media and accounting requirements. The system is updated monthly to incorporate the latest rates, circulations and readership information. The media buyers are some of the toughest negotiators in the industry stretching every client's rupee to the maximum extent possible. The result every VFM ADVT SERVICES client gets more in terms of mileage.


A specialised creative team works on Direct Mailers, their objective being to attract and hold audience attention and stand out amongst junk mail. Schemes, contests, special offers are regularly used to ensure higher levels of interactiveness and greater effectiveness. 

VFM ADVT SERVICES also maintains databases for a host of its clients. These are upgraded and updated regularly. Special databases keeping various parameters in mind have been created to minimise wastage.


Hoardings/ Billboards, Mike announcement, Van campaigning, Posters, Banners are excellent media for local advertising. Though VFM ADVT SERVICES is not a bulk buyer of hoardings and kiosks, it is regularly in touch with outdoor publicity agencies and maintains its own database of the most effective site locations. Furthermore, its extensive branch network helps it to identify the ideal hoarding locations for its clients in the shortest available time.


Sales promotion includes development of various POP materials which can attract the consumer at the point-of-purchase. It is very necessary to develop POP materials that adds value at the distribution centres. It is VFM ADVT SERVICES's endeavour to design and create interesting and novel POP material that will not only result in direct sales but also strengthen the brand and enhance the corporate image.


Unconventional ways of reaching rural markets-market fairs, exhibitions, sales vans, Audio-video on wheels -are constantly utilised in order to be in the right place at the right time. Rural marketing is a complex affair, as India is a land of diverse cultures, with as many as 15 regional languages (other than English) in use as well as numerous dialects. Marketing in rural areas calls for simplification of the advertising message in the local dialect and keeping the local customs and sentiments in mind. VFM ADVT SERVICES has a panel of copywriters who think and create regional campaigns, to give greater penetration levels to clients' message.


VFM ADVT SERVICES handles the advertising and marketing for various products and brands including Hari Plaast, Hari Marine, Eureka Study Centre, PIE Education, Kiran Furniture, Kiran Smart Factory, Rayalaseema Hari Motors, Hari Udyog, Orissa Rubber, PNB, Beaumonde Associates, Parivar Pickle, Cyrus Software, Vaishno Enterprise, DentiDerm etc. Creation of a brand involves strategic planning, research, understanding the demographics and physiographics of the target audience.


This outlines a coordinated plan crafted with the intent of building your social media presence, primarily including: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp Group, LinkedIn, YouTube etc.

By engaging the audience through social media channels, our team has the ability to generate awareness, widen your organisation’s potential reach within your target market/audience, and contribute to driving more business traffic, which will ultimately result in top line growth.

Of course, the most effective social media marketing happens over time when quality meets consistency. The following list describes each primary area of on-going focus:

· Creating Engaging Social Content

· Posting Organisation-Related Updates

· Promotions & Social Campaigns

· Integrate Social Media Activity into Other Marketing Plans 

· Monitoring

· Analytics


VFM ADVT SERVICES has a distinctive edge in designing effective and integrated communication packages. The agency guides it's client on every aspect, these include giving the right creative approach, advising the client on the selection of markets, presenting the right media mix through scientific media buying. VFM ADVT SERVICES's strength is the creation of cost-effective, market-oriented, communication packages.